While many people do not associate Botox® with dentistry, our dentist, Dr. Jean Chang-Lowe, utilizes this cosmetic procedure to help her patients.

At our Daytona Beach dental practice, our dentist creates treatment plans that improve the facial aesthetics of our patients. Looking for a dental practice that searches for solutions that enhance your appearance and cares for health concerns? Contact the office of Jean Chang-Lowe, DDS, LLC, today!

How Does Botox Work?

The Botox serum freezes the muscles at the treatment site. When used on areas like the forehead or corner of the eyes, it can smooth wrinkled skin. Botox prevents the interaction of the nerves and muscles. The injected tissues no longer contact, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The effects of the muscle-freezing serum usually last for four to six months. Once a patient begins to feel muscle action gradually returning, they should schedule another appointment with our Daytona Beach dentist for reapplication. Patients can receive Botox during their biannual check-ups, so they may be sure they keep their renewed appearance and do not have to come back to the dental practice.

The Aesthetics of the Smile

Dr. Chang-Lowe uses Botox for its cosmetic benefits. This anti-aging serum reduces frown lines, crow’s feet, and worry lines. When a patient comes to our practice looking to improve their smile, Botox is a way for them to enhance their facial aesthetic too. Patients in Daytona Beach and its surrounding communities can enjoy a completely rejuvenated appearance.

Learn More About this Cosmetic Enhancement

Our Daytona Beach dentist, Dr. Chang-Lowe, helps patients find convenient and effective solutions to improve their facial aesthetic. Our dental team helps patients achieve their dental goals and enjoys seeing people leave our office with a smile. At the office of Jean Chang Lowe, DDS, LLC, we make every effort to assist patients on their path to improved oral health, dental function, and aesthetic.