Supported Restorations

Supported Restorations 

Having a complete, beautiful smile can significantly improve a person’s confidence. That is why at the dental office of Jean Chang-Lowe, DDS, LLC, we provide restorations to help patients achieve a healthy, attractive set of teeth.

Dr. Chang-Lowe and her capable dental team ensure patients receive high-quality dental care by taking a personal approach to dentistry. Our dentist always keeps in mind the patient’s needs and dental goals, doing everything she can to exceed their expectation and create the beautiful smiles they desire.

Traditional Restorations

Crowns, bridges, and dentures do well to renew the visual aspects of the smile. Dr. Chang-Lowe takes impressions of your dental anatomy to ensure a proper fit for the best stability of your prosthetic. Having a secure appliance means patients are able to smile with confidence.

Additionally, we use aesthetically pleasing materials to fabricate your restoration, ensuring that your new tooth or set of teeth seamlessly blend with surrounding dental structures.

Each restoration restores a different amount of teeth and requires different forms of maintenance. Our solutions include:

Crowns restore one tooth anywhere in the smile and are typically made of ceramic to create a uniform appearance. This single-unit restoration renews and protects a broken or damaged tooth, as it surrounds the natural dental structure.

Patients continue their normal daily oral hygiene routine to maintain their crown.

Bridges restore one or more missing teeth in a consecutive row. This prosthetic uses surrounding teeth to anchor it into place.

Dentures replace up to an entire arch of missing teeth. The prosthetic is fabricated from materials that allow the appliance to appear natural. Dentures rely on suction and dental adhesives to remain in the smile.

Patients are required to remove their prosthetic when performing their dental care routine and put it in a solution that eliminates bacteria and preserves the appliance. Once they have completed brushing and flossing their smile, the patient may then reinsert the denture.

Implant-Supported Restorations

Dental implants are adaptable to a wide variety of restorations. They are a comprehensive solution to missing teeth as they replace a tooth from root to crown. Implant treatment also preserves jawbone healthy, which is an area of the smile that traditional appliances fail to address. Implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures allow a patient to maintain their regular dental care routine.

Achieve a Beautiful Smile in Daytona Beach!

To address the issue of missing teeth properly, contact the dental practice of Jean Chang-Lowe, DDS, LLC. Our passionate dentist and team make sure to customize a treatment plan that meets your dental needs according to your goals and budget. For more information and to schedule a consultation, contact our Daytona Beach dental office today!

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